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December 4, 2007 was the worldwide release of the first Function 8 compilation entitled “Function 8, We’re All Wearing Capes.” Compiled by label head Gadget, it features a few of the Function 8 catalog favorites but it mostly features more of the abstract and missed tracks that shows the evolution of Function 8 music. The last track is a lovely gem … a remix of a Jet Black Crayon track “Collapse With Trophy” by A Grape Dope (John Herndon from Tortoise, Isotope 217, Prefuse 73, etc.). The complete title is Jet Black Crayon “Collapse With Trophy (Asphalt Disguise Mix by A Grape Dope).” It is insane… in the best possible way to be insane. You can listen to it here or on the Function 8 myspace page. This release is digital only so go to your favorite download or streaming site and check it out. The deal of all deals is “Buy Album” (like in iTunes and other download sites) since it’s 16 tracks for $10! It was released in Japan on September 26, 2007 but comes out in the rest of the world today (slightly confusing is on iTunes, etc. it has the Japanese release date). And … the bonus … amazing original artwork by Natas Kaupas … who has done just about all Function 8 artwork, logos and style. Check it and enjoy!

V.A. – “Function 8, We’re All Wearing Capes”

(Compiled by Gadget) FER 88816-2 (Digital only other than Japan)
December 4, 2007 (September 26, 2007 in Japan)

  1. “Empiric” by Jet Black Crayon
  2. “Far From Under (Acoustic Revisited)” by Gresham (feat. Tommy Guerrero)
  3. “Weed on the Tree, Forty on the Floor” by Tommy Guerrero & Gadget
  4. “And So It Goes” by Jet Black Crayon
  5. “Wyyr Pt Dub” by The Jazz Cannon
  6. “Black Acura” by Gadget
  7. “Mechanism” by Tommy Guerrero & Gadget
  8. “Far From Under (Inst.)” by Gresham
  9. “Hash on the Bush, 32 on the Ground” by Tommy Guerrero & Gadget
  10. “Prison Bus” by The Jazz Cannon
  11. “Runnin’ From Five-0″ by Tommy Guerrero & Gadget
  12. “Manipulations” by Paul Smiff, the Foolish Mortal
  13. “1 Ton Souperman (Larry the Cracker Live Slow Down Remix)” by Tommy Guerrero & Gadget
  14. “Autonomy” by Gresham
  15. “Eyes Closed, Numbers Appear” by Jet Black Crayon
  16. “Collapse With Trophy (Asphalt Disguise Mix by A Grape Dope)” by Jet Black Crayon

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